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Brothers Making Music

In 2021 we will release a new piece every month on YouTube, composed by Mathias Madsen Munch and produced by Rasmus Madsen Munch – the current working title of the project is

Brothers Making Music.

The music will be recorded with Budapest Art Orchestra in November 2020 during 4 sessions. Mixed together with Mathias' Yamaha C5 (from our studio) and Rasmus' electronic productions we look forward to presenting our new cross-over-project to the public in 2021.

Below is our first prototype of the project based on a simple repetitive chord progression

C / Em / C / Em / Am / C / Bm

that we develop through the 5-minute piece.

Bear in mind, that the orchestral instruments are samples and not live recorded in this clip. The sketch is in the dramatic ballpark, where-as other cues will be less potent. However, we will strive to use generic and repetitive chord progressions as a dogma through-out our collaboration:

​At the beginning of 2022, we plan to perform all pieces live in DK assisted by Mathias' ensembles.

The skilled videographer Nils Amdisen will document the music with videos from our studio, but we will also strive to incorporate material from other sources – cocreating the visual aspect of the productions with talented film-makers from all over the world.

All the pieces will be composed during 2020 until our orchestral recordings in week 46 of November. 

Mathias has funded the entire recording himself and hopes, that foundations and other sources will help support his newest endeavor. 

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