Concerts for Children

Mathias Madsen Munch has composed several interactive concerts for a variety of ensemble sizes.

He continually develops new interactive concerts and is former house composer at DR Musikariet with support from The Danish Arts Council. 

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on behalf of DR Musikariet and Levende Musik i Skolen


The interactive concert based on role play mechanics has toured all over Denmark on behalf of DR Musikariet and has had great success around the world being Munch's most popular work. Performances in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Krasnoyarsk) and Latvia (Riga, Madona).

for 6 musicians

(vln, vla, vlc, db, keys & sound)

The Endless Labyrinth



The popular concert has toured in Denmark since 2016 and played over 75 concerts on behalf of LMS

(Live Music in Schools). The concert presents the story of the notorious baron who travels all over the Middle East pursuing the best bottle of wine in the world.

for 3 musicians

(el. vln, perc & keytar)

Baron von Münchhausen (2015)

3. De Frygtede Pirater _ lowres plakat.j

The concert is Mathias' first work as house composer in DR Musikariet. It has been developed together with the Maritime Museum of Denmark and author Merlin P. Mann with assistance from Claus Reenberg. In the concert the audience controls the ship using conducting and singing in different meters.

for 5 musicians

(vocal, drums, db, guitar & keys)

The Dreaded Pirates



The concert is Mathias' second work as house composer in DR Musikariet. It has been developed together with the National Museum of Denmark and designer Jim Lyngvild with assistance from Claus Reenberg. Vardlokkur premiered Fall 2019.

for 5 musicians

(vocal, drums, perc, vln & keys)





The concert is specifically targeted families and smaller children. It is the most accessible of Mathias' concerts as the universe and songs have been developed together with children from Copenhagen on behalf of the Cycling Music School.

for 3 musicians

(vocal/perc, guitar & keys/acc.)

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