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Export of The Endless Labyrinth

Time Schedule in Denmark before the performances

Translator / Translation

At least two months before the performances the entire script has to be translated to the local language using this excel-document:

We recommend staying as close to the Danish version as possible, both with regards to words and the duration of the sentences.


Bear in mind, that there are 3 songs in the concert. The composer Mathias Madsen Munch (MMM) will either change melody and phrasings himself based on the transcription - unless a local songwriter is able to re-translate the songs.

It is requested that a local makes an oral recording of the words in order for MMM to place the pressure of the words correctly.The three songs will ultimately look like this in the local language

The translator can have free hands to change words - but based on our Latvian tour we recommend that the names of the evil servants keep related to the 3 tonalitites they refer to: Dorian (Dorius), Wholtetone scala (Héltonus) and Phryigan (Frygius)

Recomposition of the songs

At least 1,5 month before performances MMM will recompose the songs in order for them to fit the concert. Based on experience this takes 2 full days of work, as MMM also will send a demo to the chosen actor/singer.

Actor / Singer - Recording

At least one month before the performances MMM and sound engineer Christian Wulff (CW) will record the script and songs with a local actor/singer - either in Denmark or MMM+CW has to be flown to the destination and covered all expenses.


It is wise to choose an actor who has a musical understanding, since there are singing in the concert - and the songs require a dramatic interpretation.

In general the recording session works as a dubbing session, where the actor speaks on top of the Danish reference version which can be seen here:, using the password labyrinth

PS. It can be a good idea to have one actor doing the storyline and alternative native speakers doing the introduction to the concert - this can very well be project organizers since it is not required to be actor to introduce the concert.

Based on experience MMM and CW will have to work 2 full days with the actor/singer in a recording studio setup or in a befitting concert house.

Editing and programming

After the recording MMM will have 2 days of editing the material and 2 days of programming the entire technological backend.

When this is done, the concert is fully translated and ready to be performed for all eternity :).

Information when in the receiving country

Test concert

Our project requires at least one test concert in front of an audience who speaks the local language. This can either be in Denmark or in the country. During this concert the native speakers will ensure, that the speak is correctly programmed.


We recommend playing 2 concerts per day, but 3 is also doable. We have played in various different venues, huge concert halls and small halls. The concert is flexible and will be performed differently based on the options. However we recommend:

- Crowd size between 120 and 450 (though we have played for less and up to 1000 in the audience)

- Venues where we can interact directly with the audience

- The target of the concert in Denmark is children from 0.-5. grade - this might be different in the local country and can be discussed beforehand. We also play for families where parents bring children themselves.

Tehcnical demands:

Our technician CW has written this rider, which explains what we need from the specific venues:

At the venue we require:


- bottles of water and coffee.

- during rehearsals and breaks it is always pleasant with fresh fruit, sweets or related to keep our blood sugar high and ready to perform :)

- a backstage room where we can be ourselves

- an area next to the stage, where MMM can place his keytar and Wizard mask, and where he is not disturbed by children, local musicians or others (this feedback is based on actual experience)

Special requirements

We are in general a very tour friendly ensemble consisting of:

Mathias Madsen Munch (Denmark) = Keytar

Oliver Lunn Stahl (Denmark) = Double bass

Nicole Hogstrand (Sweden) = Cello

Pauline Hogstrand (Sweden) = Viola

Jon Samuel Lundström (Sweden) = Violin

Christian Wulff (Denmark) = sound engineer

Sometimes supported by a representative from DR Musikariet e.g. Dorte Bennike.

However we require:

- staying at hotels minimum 3 stars with our own rooms. Preferably hotels where there is quiet.

- 3 out of the 6 ensemble members prefer vegetarian food

- if concerts start early in the morning (9.00 og 10.00) we have to be at the venue the day before, in order for us to setup our gear and sound test. This means that we can leave our instruments at the venue without them being touched our removed. 

- if concerts start 13.00 or later, we can enter the  venue the same day.

Transportation and loan of instruments

Violin (Jon Samuel Lundström) and Viola (Pauline Hogstrand) will be transported by plane and require no extra seats.

Cello (Nicole Hogstrand) can be brought but require an extra seat (CBBG). It cannot be transported as luggage. However our cellist is open to loan a local cello if that is more convenient.

Double bass (Oliver Lunn Stahl) cannot be transported by plane - thus we need to loan a local double bass from an orchestra etc. This instrument has to be at the venue the day before.

Keytar (Mathias Madsen Munch) is brought by plane and require an extra seat (CBBG). It cannot be transported as luggage.

PS. If possible we recommend the local venue to bring us a backup 49 key midi-piano (either via midi or usb) in case of unforeseen damage of the Keytar on the flight.

All musicians live close to CPH Airport and will leave together In some cases CW and MMM will leave before to see the venues.

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