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I compose music for various genres and formats.

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Music for the Stage

Music for orchestras

Music for movies

Music for games


Current Projects 2018

Through The Window

​I am composing the piano based score for the subtle animation short 'Through The Window' directed by Kathrine Vintersborg and illustrated by Ronja Ellinor Källman. Here is a short video presentation of the universe.

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De Frygtede Pirater (April/May)

Commission by DR Musikariet supported by the Danish Arts Council & the Maritime Museum of Denmark. The concert is written for an ensemble consisting of Percussion/Drums, Double Bass/Cello, Guitar/Reeds, Piano/Electronics & Waterphone. The part of the Captain will be sung by famous Danish actor Tomas Ambt Kofod.

Bezgalīgs Labirints (May)

Performances of 'The Endless Labyrinth' in Latvian supported by The Danish Cultural Institute. After 80 performances for more than 22.500 children 'The Endless Labyrinth' is asked to perform in relation to the Centenary Celebrations of the Baltic Countries.

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Stage Performances

Teaser from my 45 minute cross-over composition 'The Endless Labyrinth', which has been performed for more than 22.500 people around Europe. The piece is composed for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Keytar.

Excerpt from my 80 minute orchestral piece 'I Love It'. Performed by Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and written by Reenberg/Munch/Lundgreen.


Orchestral Compositions

Examples of Budapest Art Orchestra performing my compositions for symphony orchestra.

Composition & orchestration by Mathias Madsen Munch


Music for Animation

An audio & video excerpt from my music to 'Porkolicious'.

Composition, orchestration & lyrics by Mathias Madsen Munch


Muic for Movies

Excerpts from award winning short 'En Vred Mand' and upcoming movie 'Erik and the Gods'


Music for Games

An example of how a recording with Budapest Art Orchestra ends up in the iPhone Puzzle Game "Comic Brain".

Composition and orchestration by Mathias Madsen Munch

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