Orchestral Music

Mathias loves to compose for symphony orchestras and has used orchestras for several productions. He has recorded with symphony orchestras in Copenhagen, Budapest and Prague.

Mathias holds a Masters Degree in Film Scoring and has composed music for several films. He has a particular interest in thematic and melodic music as heard in the excerpts above from the award-winning animation Plastic Menagerie.

Mathias also composes music for computer games such as the Danish puzzle game by WulffMorgenthaler, where the orchestral music from Budapest is implemented in the gameplay.

En Skønne Dag feat. Christian Lund (Live recording from Musikkens Hus
The Ouverture (Live recording from performances in Musikkens Hus)

In 2017 Aalborg Symphony Orchestra performed the 75 minute through composed orchestral piece I LOVE IT. The concerts were not recorded but above are two live excerpts composed, written and arranged by Mathias Madsen Munch.