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Mathias has written music and songs for several projects inspired by historical events. In 2019 he portraited the 70ies of  Frederikshavn together with some of Denmark's best performers and Munch/Reenberg/Madsen.

for 2 musicians and 2 soloists

(vlc, gui & vocals)


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Mathias is born and raised in Frederikshavn in the northern part of Denmark and recently composed the score for the 200-year-jubilee of his hometown together with songwriter Claus Reenberg, producer Rasmus Madsen Munch and conceptualizer Jan Michael Madsen.

for 2 musicians and 2 soloists

(vlc, gui & vocals)




At this point, I Love It is Mathias' most ambitious project with a score containing more than 600 pages for full symphony orchestra. The musical has been performed for 10.000 people around Denmark. Written together with Reenberg–Munch–Lundgreen.

feat. Aalborg Symfoniorkester

(syph. orch. and 4 vocalists)

I Love It (2017)

& Det Bli'r En God dag (2019)


In 2016 Mathias composed a new rendition of Shakespeares Hamlet on behalf of Elsinore Municipality and the local Music School. The project premiered close to Kronborg in collaboration with visual artist Sissel Romme Christensen

for 120 music school musicians

(strings, brass, guitars, singers etc.)

Night of Wizardry​ (2016)

En_Skønne_Dag_live_from_AalborgArtist Name
00:00 / 03:54
Skævt og SkråtMadsen Munch
00:00 / 06:24