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Remulus - Det Blir' En God Dag - Tracks
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for 2 musicians and 2 soloists

(vlc, gui & vocals)

Mathias has written music and songs for several projects inspired by historical events. In 2019 he portraited the 70ies of  Frederikshavn together with some of Denmark's best performers and Munch/Reenberg/Madsen.

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for 2 musicians and 2 soloists

(vlc, gui & vocals)

Mathias is born and raised in Frederikshavn in the northern part of Denmark and recently composed the score for the 200-year-jubilee of his hometown together with songwriter Claus Reenberg, producer Rasmus Madsen Munch and conceptualizer Jan Michael Madsen.


I Love It (2017)

& Det Bli'r En God dag (2019)

feat. Aalborg Symfoniorkester

(syph. orch. and 4 vocalists)

At this point, I Love It is Mathias' most ambitious project with a score containing more than 600 pages for full symphony orchestra. The musical has been performed for 10.000 people around Denmark. Written together with Reenberg–Munch–Lundgreen.


Night of Wizardry​ (2016)

for 120 music school musicians

(strings, brass, guitars, singers etc.)

In 2016 Mathias composed a new rendition of Shakespeares Hamlet on behalf of Elsinore Municipality and the local Music School. The project premiered close to Kronborg in collaboration with visual artist Sissel Romme Christensen

En_Skønne_Dag_live_from_AalborgArtist Name
00:00 / 03:54
Skævt og SkråtMadsen Munch
00:00 / 06:24
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