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  The Endless Labyrinth –    a captivating and exciting concert based on role-playing and adventure games - is an interactive musical adventure for children, performed by string ensemble and electronics.

The Giant, the Dwarf, the Elf and the brave Prince of Philharmonia are trying to escape from the Forest of Molduria, which is controlled by the evil Wizard. However, the Wizard’s evil servants – the so-called Alternates – lie in wait and will do everything in their power to capture the Prince. The audience will ultimately decide how the characters act and hopefully help them find a way out of the Labyrinth.

Why has the concert been so succesful both nationally and internationally?
  • The concert is controlled by the children - their decisions will decide how the music and the story unfolds.

  • The concert has been developed for and along with children after more than 100 performances.                  It is in constant development based on the children’s reactions, why it maintains relevance.

  • The composition appeal to children with melodies and structures they can relate to.                                      The through composed piece guides children into the universe by clever developing repetitions,              which are both challenging and understandable at the same time.

  • The story takes children seriously - the Wizard is truly evil and the audience has to make difficult choices and even sacrifice members of the Fellowship for the greater good.

  • The concert presents the many aspects of string instrument techniques in a playful and dramatic context. 

  • The string players all excel in performing for children and act as Giant, Dwarf, Elf, Prince and Wizard.

  • The innovative programing of the concert ensures a seamless experience in foreign languages.                    In fact, the concert can be performed in several languages at the same time.                                                One main language through the speakers and sub-languages through headphones/earphones.



The theme of the Fellowship

The theme of Philharmonia

The Wandering Theme


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